Rivendell Bicycle Works's 826 Holiday Special

Love 826 Valencia and quality bikes? We thought so. The really good people at Rivendell Bicycle Works are giving you a sweet deal this holiday season. Through the end of the year, donate $100 to 826 Valencia, and Rivendell will give you $40 to spend at their store. Check out their blog post about giving to 826 below!

Share this deal with your friends and family that love bikes. Happy Holidays!


There’s this charity and it’s a really good one. In a sentence it teaches public schoolers how to write. gets them into books and reading, too. Really supportive, super effective, and the writings are published in real books you can buy, too. This is a charity we wholly endorse and want to support. We’ve already sent it a couple of hearty donations this year, and will send at least that much again even though it’s a lean time for us, because it’s so, so worthwhile.

And we’ll make it easy for you to donate, too. Click up there or right here and read about it. Find the donation link and donate. You’ll be emailed a thanks and proof, and you forward that to donations{at}rivbike.com (just email the donation receipt there, don’t ask tech questions, etc.), and we’ll cut you a credit here for 40% of your donation, up to $300. Guarantee a speedy turnaround by including your customer number, which you can find on an old invoice or search your emails for subject “rivbike.com order confirmation” and the number is on the top right.  That’ll make it easy.

So, you donate $10 and you get a credit for $4. A hundred gets you forty, and so on— up to that max $300 credit.

Donate in $10 increments to make the math easy. Hundreds even better.

It’s tax-deductible, 100 percent.

You can read more of the Rivendell Bicycle Works “Blug” Post on giving to 826 Valencia HERE.